Saint Condos | Saint Condos Development Team – Minto
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Saint Condos Development Team – Minto

Minto is the builder behind the project The Saint Condos, a real estate developer of repute with decades of experience in the industry.


About Minto 

Since their humble beginnings in 1955, The Minto Group has successfully built a fully integrated real estate company offering new homes and condos, rentals, furnished suites, property and investment management.


With expertise in home building, construction, property and investment management, they’ve built over 85,000 homes, manage 8,800 rental units and carry 2.5 million square feet of commercial space. Our investment management portfolio spans $2.5 billion (as at June 30th, 2018).


With over 1,100 employees in Canada and the southern USA, Minto proudly builds better places for people to live, work and play, one home and one relationship at a time. To us, it’s all about special moments – like the thrill of a new apartment, the pride in owning a first home, or a growing investment partnership.


Rental homes and apartments, furnished suites and commercial space. As one of Canada’s leading property management companies, our Minto Properties Operations team proudly manages multi-residential units and commercial space in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and London.


New homes and condos in Canada. With more than 60,000 homes built in the Ottawa, Calgary and the Greater Toronto Areas, our Minto Communities Canada division is dedicated to constructing high-performing new homes and condos, and has earned several industry awards and accolades.


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Project Location: 89 Church Street, Toronto, ON
Builder Address: 600-4101 Yonge St, North York, ON M2P 2E3, Canada